Me and Rory hacking away in the early days…

A simple ritual to take care of your employees and unlock their best work

We call it the “two-week check in.”

Here at, we have a belief that taking care of our people, making sure they feel engaged in their work and fulfilled in their personal lives is one of the best investments we can make in the success of the company.

As our CEO, here’s how I support them in that pursuit and hold myself accountable for showing up consistently.

Every two weeks, I send a personalized video message to each member of my leadership team. I use @loom (my fav new piece of tech) and ask some derivation of the same three questions…

(The bullets are different prompts to get them talking)

1. How do you feel working at Tribute?

2. How do you feel about what you’re currently working on?

3. What’s happening in your personal life?

I always offer myself up for a 30–60 minute follow up session if something is alive or important for them.

This ritual holds me accountable for supporting our leaders and connecting with them on a deeper, more human level.

Research has shown that the biggest driver of discretionary effort at a company is …

“strength of relationships”

A strong relationship is one where people feel valued, appreciated and supported. If you can create connection, they will go the extra mile.

I’ve worked with many leaders who hold off on going deeper at work because they worry that it will get too personal.

Or, they fear they won’t be able to handle/address the issues people have to share.

My opinion is that it is better to express vs suppress. If an employee can’t talk about how they’re feeling, it will come out in their work and impact the team in an unconscious way sooner or later.

We embrace the mantra “if we can mention it, we can manage it.”

And so far, that’s been the case.

I’ve never been more excited to work with a group of people than I am right now at Tribute.

This ritual is an important part of that.

This post is not about this, but we do have several open roles for those who resonate with this message and share your mission to build technology that cultivates real, meaningful human connection in the world.



Founder // - Spreading gratitude and meaningful human connection in the world — prev. @dreamsforkidsdc and @abilitylist.

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Andrew Horn

Founder // - Spreading gratitude and meaningful human connection in the world — prev. @dreamsforkidsdc and @abilitylist.