The best purchases under $50 of 2019

Andrew Horn
4 min readDec 13, 2018


As Miki and I did our annual recap of the year, we asked the usual questions…

  • What were the highlight moments from the year?
  • Biggest accomplishments/milestones
  • Biggest challenges/ lessons learned

I couldn’t help but think about all the STUFF that actually made my life better. Person achievements is nice and all but sometimes it’s nice to spread some love on the companies and products that significantly improve your life for profit. Here are a few of those things that made my year better.

  1. Apothecanna CBD rub

I’ve been dealing with rsi in my right forearm for over a year and I haven’t experienced any relief comparable to what this has provided.

Was recommended to me by a jazz musician who had such bad arthritis that he almost had to quit playing altogether. This stuff literally saved his career.

2. Cbdistillery 1000mg CBD tincture

One of my favorite finds of 2018! Non psychoactive with the benefits of a “body high.”

I find myself using CBD most frequently as a replacement for drinking alcohol. When I want to feel a little lighter and loose, I’ll take 6–10 drops of this and feel great. + no hangover.

I also enjoying writing on it.

This stuff interacts with people very differently, when Miki takes it she goes directly to sleep.

3. Arm massager for RSI and muscle issues

This is another great find for anyone with wrist/forearm issues. Easy way to give your muscles a very deep

tissue massage.

4. Frontline

Continue to be blown away by the reporting of frontline. This year’s favorites are “battle for the epa” and facebook

5. Best music of the year -

Charles Bradley and Lee Fields — new soul

Rufus Du Sol / Odesza / Petit biscuit albums — electronic / chill

6. Balsam fir essential oil

Have never used essential oils before and really enjoying this one.

Has been a nice part of my morning ritual. Two dabs of this and set an intention for the day. A strong woodsy scent like this really wakes you up.

7. Salt lamps

Miki and I put these all

Throughout our new house and they are a inexpensive way to vibe up any room.

8. Increasing trackpad sensitivity

Computer use is the obvious culprit of my rsi/forearm issues. I realized that I could decrease arm usage by increasing trackpad sensitivity on my laptop.

I also use a simple wired mouse whenever home.

9. Lumo lift

I actually no longer use this because my back pain has completely gone away.

This got me to correct my desk hunching over a period of 6 months.

Simple connected device that connects on your shirt and buzzes every time you are bunched over for more than 15 seconds.

10. Tony Robbins — Money master the game

My entire attitude towards money was very immature until this year. “Make enough not to think about it.” Is more of an avoidance technique than a strategy for building wealth.

Biggest takeaway, almost no one “earns their way to wealth.” The majority of wealthy people invest there way there.

This book is a powerful introduction to winning the investment game and understanding market dynamics.

11. Sit-up pad with mat

Sit ups suck and hurt your tailbone.

This simple mat solves those issues and makes it easy to do traditional sit-ups. Bing bang boom.

12. Eye buy direct

These are Warby Parker quality sunglasses for $20-$30

They almost always have a buy one get one offer going.

13. Oi Ocha green tea to get off coffee

This is a Hawaiian staple.

I went off coffee completely for a few months this year and this stuff made it quite easy.

Now, I use it instead of having a second cup of coffee in the afternoon if I want a pick me up.

14. Mount Hagen organic instant coffee

This is the best instant coffee I’ve found and for a non coffee snob like me, I can’t taste the difference between the shops around our house.

Pro tip — throw some cardamom in your coffee.

15. Vitamin-e oil for face

Some houseguest left this at our house earlier this year and I was amazed at how good my skin felt after using it one night.

I use this a couple times a week and it is more effective that my expensive kiehls ultra facial moisturizer.

16. Guide to optimizing your phone

If you see red dots w everywhere on your phone, you are distracted.

In my experience, the essence of productivity and creativity comes down to our ability to stay focused for long periods of time.

This article will fundamentally transform how you think of and interact with your phone for the better.

17. Favorite movies of the year

He won’t get far on foot

The miseducation of

18. Biotin for hair growth

I’ve seen a ton of companies coming out that sell incredibly over priced subscriptions for supplements that you can buy for 1/8th the cost on amazon.bBiotin has been amazing and my hair feels thicker after taking it for 3 months.

Side effect, your nails will also grow super fast when you take this. Worth it!



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