Communication in the time of Corona — A simple guide to stay grounded and respond thoughtfully.

I created some some simple communication guidelines to respond thoughtfully in the midst of very strange times.

Additionally, here is a message that I sent to my Junto community for men. Leaders communicate with intention and help others to follow suit.

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With so much uncertainty, here is an invitation to respond powerfully, to respond as leaders. “Our response to COVID-19 not about US, it is about ALL OF US.”

The majority of you reading this are likely young and in good health. That said, many of the people that cared for us growing up…may not be. When we consider things like social distancing, hand washing and limiting travel, I feel we are answering our civic responsibility to take care of each other.

It has been helpful for me to remember that it is not about keeping myself healthy, it is about doing what I can where I am…so that other people near my parents will hopefully do the same. If I want others to act responsibly, I have to as well.

I believe that leaders are molded during times of challenge.

So here is a question that I’m considering and that I’d encourage each of you to consider. “How can I show up like a leader during this outbreak?

For family?
For your company?
Your friends?

How can you be a beacon of compassion, stability and support during times where many will be facing significant financial, emotional & health challenges?

I just called my parents for the first time today. If you haven’t already, I’d invite you to check in with your parents and any vulnerable people that you may know. Ask them how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to support them. That is enough.

Social isolation is bad for our health. Call people, or even better, hop on FaceTime and increase your collective dopamine hit.

Sending love to all of you. Look forward to hearing how you are responding powerfully during this evolving situation.

If there is anything we can do to support you, reach out.



Founder // - Spreading gratitude and meaningful human connection in the world — prev. @dreamsforkidsdc and @abilitylist.

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Andrew Horn

Founder // - Spreading gratitude and meaningful human connection in the world — prev. @dreamsforkidsdc and @abilitylist.