There is no enemy in the mind 🧠💭

Andrew Horn
2 min readApr 12, 2023

Have you ever felt like your thoughts and emotions are working against you? That inner critic that won’t shut up, the anxiety that paralyzes you, the self-doubt that undermines your confidence… It’s easy to see them as enemies, as things to fight and defeat.

As it turns out, this mentality is quite counter productive. As the Carl Jung saying goes, “what we resist, persists.”

At @wejunto, we believe that true self-mastery comes when we learn to welcome our thoughts and feelings, even the unpleasant ones, as messengers that deserve to be acknowledged and accepted.

One of the easiest way to do this is by embracing the idea that “there is no enemy in the mind.”

This frame encourages us to see our thoughts and feelings as though they have good intentions, even when they looks to be self-deprecating or “negative” on the surface.

From this perspective, we’re often able to see things like…

Our fear of failure is motivating us to work hard…

Our social anxiety is wants us to connect with the right people…

Our resistance to vulnerability is protecting us from getting hurt…

You see how all of those “negative” emotions actually have a positive intention?

Once we are able to identify these negative patterns and limiting beliefs, we can begin to reframe our internal experiences and align with our values.

From this place, we can transform our lives and relationships in profound ways. The secret to changing our behavior is not strategies and tactics…it lies in reconnecting with the true self and leading our life from this deeply connected and centered place.

Next time you catch yourself in a mental battle, try to remember: there is no enemy in the mind, only a complex and fascinating landscape that in some round about way, is trying to help you…its likely just not doing that in the most effective way.

Embrace it with curiosity and kindness, and see what unfolds.

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